No issues with tuning pegs and electrics, pick ups work fine. Yamaha Nippon Gakki FG-230 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. THIS WONDERFUL GUITAR IS IN INCREDIBLE OVERALL CONDITION WITH JUST A FEW DENTS AND SCRATCHES. Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos Rickenbacker Guitars … Here we have a Vintage Yamaha FG-150. This was made in Japan in the 1980's. scale, 12?? Yamaha FG-260 12-String Jumbo Dreadnought Guitar With Case. Bridge straight the top has a small ding as shown in pics only cosmetic Other than this just some natural wear. Nice Condition, YAMAHA 30413453 FG-260 12 Strings Vintage Acoustic Guitar Made in Japan 1970, 1974 Vintage Yamaha FG-110 acoustic Folk Guitar Taiwan ser# 41212172 VG+ player, Yamaha FG312, 1977, 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Vintage Early 1980's Yamaha FG-365SII Rosewood Acoustic Guitar w / Vintage Case, VINTAGE YAMAHA G-60-A CLASSICAL ACOUSTIC GUITAR, YAMAHA FG-230 12-STRING ACOUSTIC DREADNOUGHT vintage 1960? Acoustic guitars remain one of the most popular means of making music in the world and for good reason. REFERENCIA:Yamaha SA30TJapan 1968. 1978 Yamaha Fg375. Neck is straight and action is low. The small-bodied LS has a long history with Yamaha. Click & Collect. Dispatched with eBay delivery ?? radius, 22 medium jumbo frets ... 1981 Yamaha SG-800 Electric Guitar Red w / Hard Case #40497, 1981 Yamaha Broad Bass VI BB Japan Vintage Electric Bass - Sunburst Finish, Yamaha FG-345 Vintage 1971. PASTILLAS: Yamaha humbucker x 2. No issues with tuning pegs and electrics, pick ups work fine It's ... 1969 Yamaha RED LABEL 12 String Acoustic Guitar. We are a full service music store based on Long Island New York in business since 1978. $459.95. Condition is "Used" Here an early used Yamaha SG-50, electric guitar made in Japan and in fair condition for age. Here is an excellent condition rare, 1972 Yamaha Grand Concert Classical Guitar Model GC-10D This is a high level quality classical guitar. No issues with tuning pegs and electrics, pick ups ... Late 1970s Yamaha FG340 acoustic guitar - Made in Taiwan between 1977 - 1981 I think. 1970's Vintage Yamaha FG-230 12 String Acoustic Made in Japan, 1981 YAMAHA FG-260 JAPAN EMS F / S with Travel Case Beautiful Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha 1970's Japan Yamaha 12 string PROJECT, 1981 Yamaha L-15 Vintage Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Terry Nakamoto, Japan w / ohc, Yamaha G-55A Vintage 6 String Classical Acoustic Guitar, very clean, 1981 Yamaha CJ-818 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Natural Nice Clean Example Resonant. eBay Store Design by Visualsoft Home About Us Our Feedback Shop Categories Electric Guitars Acoustic Guitars Pre-Owned Guitars Guitar Effects Pedals Accessories... Descrizione ItalianoRara Chitarra Made in Japan SG3Surf GuitarPrimissima Produzione del 1966Con Logo Yamaha in Metallo, guitare Yamaha 12 cordes FG-230. These iconic instruments produce a rich, engrossing sound that can lead a band, accompany a singing ensemble, or inspire you to write that next hit. Amazing guitar and very rare to find these days. Which means a guitar like this is extremely rare to find from this year. THE ORIGINAL YAMAHA MACHINE HEADS ARE IN PERFECT CONDITION AS ARE THE FRETS, ROSEWOOD FINGERBOARD AND BRIDGE. I have owned it since 1980. Carlos when famous in the mid-70's played an early SG-2000 model in Black. While those appear to be stable, it needs a neck reset badly as the bridge is already way too low. You can visit outgoing links via the links page and contact me through the contact form on the contact page. $270.00. If you need extra pictures or information please ask. Conditon NR, 1972 Yamaha GC-10D Rosewood and Spruce Classical Guitar. YAMAHA FG-401 Vintage Classic Acoustic Guitar 6 Strings Right Hand Taiwan. From the 1960's. The condition is very good(an 8.3 out of 10) with light normal signs of use and shows light to average fret wear, the guitar is really nice all around with no problems except for light playing scratches and dings(See pics). Der Klang ist sehr schön... Really lovely Vintage yamaha acoustic guitar with a pickup from the 1970s, THIS IS A VINTAGE GOLDEN ERA YAMAHA FG-512-II 12 STRING ACOUSTIC GUITAR CIRCA 1981 MADE IN TAIWAN FULLY REFURBISHED TO A VERY HIGH STANDARD. A superstrat in all but name. THE ACTION ON THE FINGERS IS GREAT, TONAL QUALITY, VOLUME AND SUSTAIN INCREDIBLE. Ending Friday at 5:10PM PST 1d. Guitarra Yamaha FG-302D Japan 1976MARCA:  YamahaMODELO: Acustica FG seriesREFERENCIA: Yamaha FG-302D Japan 1976AÑO: 1976 (1975-1980)SERIAL: 01025 (Nippon Gakke Co. Ltd)CUERDAS: 010TAPA: Abeto EzoAROS: Nogal  AmericanoFONDO: Nogal AmericanoDIAPASÓN: PalosantoMÁSTIL:  CaobaGOLPEADOR:  SíPUENTE: PalosantoTRASTES: MediumCLAVIJEROS: Yamaha Japan cromadosINLAYS:  WH dotsINCLUYE: EstuchePAÍS DE ... basso elettrico YAMAHA PRECISION PULSAR N400 ANNO 1977 vintage. Excellent condition, 1970's Yamaha FG-312 12 String. Weighs 3 6kg's. These were made to a high standard and feature all the trimmings of the top end ST1000R model, but with a standard Stratocaster tremolo system. Buyer pays $40 shipping. This website is dedicated to vintage Yamaha guitars. Some Yamaha guitars have a problem with the lacquer that was used, or as some think the conditions the guitars were lacquered. The models sold for retail prices ranging from $49 to $109. Packlink 1 day, 1984 Yamaha FG332 acoustic guitar - Made in Taiwan. Plays wonderful and sounds even better. Strings are out of tune a little bit When i got it 7 years ago i replaced the strings and had it tuned. For Sale - Yamaha FG-350W Vintage Acoustic Guitar FG-350 W Rare w Hard Shell Hardshell Case #Yamaha. Yamaha SC 3000, 1980-82, tobacco burst, original trem & coil tap. A pair of BB jazz bass pickups with independent volume knobs and a master tone control. Yamaha SG-50, 1973 / 4, Natural wood, Made in Japan, Vintage. With something as subjective as a guitar, opinions can vary widely, as can the appeal one guitar can have to different people. Back in 1976-1982 Yamaha produced their own les Paul copy that was 100% identical to the Gibson. THE FRETS ARE USED AND A FEW MAY NEED REPLACING AT SOME TIME SOON. Awesome and beautiful vintage Yamaha.... VINTAGE YAMAHA G-60-A CLASSICAL ACOUSTIC GUITAR . There are 3 pickups, which have been modified to slimline Humbuckers. Beautiful guitar, one of the best sounding guitars I have ever heard. Alder body, Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard, these also feature a string lock behind the nut that enhances tuning stability. It doesn't play great but its not too bad either. Guitar is exactly as pictured. Something went wrong. It shows some lacquer ... YAMAHA AES620 Bridge pickup Seymour Duncan SH-4 Excellent Condition. The musician played the guitar for me and it sounds great. A Rare find! See the detailed pictures. YAMAHA G-55A 6 String Nylon Classical Acoustic Guitar. I am the original owner of this beauty, buying it in the summer of 1970 before heading off to college.  The FG 180 "Red Label" models from this era have the well-deserved reputation of being the poor man's Martin D-18. it could get away without a neck reset, i dont think it would be playable past the 4th or 5th fret. The brass hardware has some but only minor tarnishing. Free shipping. $18.95 shipping. custodia morbida originale vintage. $220.00. Used & Vintage Guitars At The Music Zoo. Also see my forum for the most up to date information. Condition is "Used". Warm vintage tone . INVENTORY #40497. I have over 25 other instruments waiting to be repaired / restored, i dont need this one. This is a RED LABEL (Nippon Gakki) made in Japan guitar. I have had this les Paul ... YAMAHA BB800 Black 1970s Used Alder Body Rosewood Fingerboard w / Soft Case YAMAHA BB800 Black 1970s Used Alder Body Rosewood Fingerboard w / Soft Case, Hello, I will support your music life from Japan I will do my utmost for the service you satisfy, < Description >Used but in Good condition With Gig case included There are hints of usage such as scratches, dent marks, stains, and dullness of the metal parts, but it functions well. See detailed pictures. Acoustic Guitars For Sale on Reverb. There are normal signs of use and play, including light scratches, some light fret wear and some light dents to the back of the neck. On this website I show you my own collection of vintage Yamaha guitars and tell you some handy facts & figures. The hardware is tarnished but functions fine. Would look stunning if re oiled too Just been professionally restrung with D'Addario 80 / 20 bronze strings EJ13, HERE WE HAVE A GORGEOUS 1988 YAMAHA AE1200S ARCHTOP L5 TYPE GUITAR. The guitar was not played very often. Sold ? is a website aimed at finding you the best and rarest vintage guitars, whether to play, collect, or simply as an investment, © 2020 | terms and conditions. We fully serviced this guitar and it is playing really great with nice action and no buzzing. You aren’t just getting a great product, you are getting the Replay difference. Here you will find all of the used and vintage guitars for sale online at The Music Zoo! I made this site to share my passion for vintage Yamaha guitars. Pick ups are original SG-2000 pick ups. This one seems all original and is finished in an eye catching red-black burst finish. $68.77 shipping. These are very rare. Shop online for all the latest products from Yamaha, Line 6, Ampeg, Vox Amps, Vater Percussion, Steinberg and Earthquaker Devices. Comes with soft case  Do not use click and collect,... Yamaha FG-170 Japan 1973MARCA:  YamahaMODELO: Acustica FG seriesREFERENCIA: Yamaha FG-170 Japan 1973AÑO: 1973SERIAL: 30224574(Nippon Gakke Co. Ltd)CUERDAS: 010TAPA: Abeto EzoAROS: SapeleFONDO: SapeleDIAPASÓN: PalosantoMÁSTIL:  NatoGOLPEADOR:  SíPUENTE: PalosantoTRASTES: MediumCLAVIJEROS: Yamaha Japan cromadosINLAYS:  WH dotsINCLUYE: Funda de lonaPAÍS DE ORIGEN: Japan        ... ntage Yamaha FG200 Acoustic Guitar  A classic early 1970’s Yamaha FG-200  A wonderful and characterful guitar with a great tone  This model was a favourite of Eliot Smith and many others The guitar has travelled the world and it shows in its patina. (008xxx) YAMAHA, Studio Lord Model SL380 1979, Made In Japan serial The Yamaha SL guitars have an amazing quality, and are highly underrated In the 1970 / 80s they might have flown under the radar Now days they are sought after for the higher end quality vs affordability factor Mahogany body Maple top Cherry Sunburst ? 1980 Yamaha SB500 Bass Description:Made in Japan in the early 1980's, the Yamaha SB500S was the most affordable of the highly regarded Super Bass series. In good condition. El estado es "Usado", YAMAHA FG180 ACOUSTIC GUITAR CIRCA 1970 + HARD CASE + EXTRAS. As many know, the vintage Japanese made ? $1,317.04. (Yamaha Original Jumbo Body) LS (Small Body) LJ (Medium Jumbo Body) This traditional Yamaha body style is known for its rich vol-ume, a wide dynamic range, and excellent tonal balance. $249.99. It's an original Nippon Gakki Company, Made in Japan bass that was dubbed the 'Samurai'. Sides and back super solid. I draw your attention to the back. MODEL: SA30T (T stands for Tremolo). Gary's Vintage Guitar Online Inventory Search Guitar Category - Any - Featured Guitar Arch Top Guitars Bass Guitars Epiphone Electrics Fender Electrics Gibson & Other Acoustics Gibson Electrics Gretsch Guitars Guild Guitars Martin Acoustic Guitars Misc. Up for sale is a very nice vintage Alvarez 5029 Festival acoustic guitar. Toronto & Canada best guitar store. Join millions of music makers all over the world on Reverb. Has mis-matched ... 1979 Yamaha (Taiwan) CJ-818 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar. or Best Offer. ?s RED LABEL Japan MIJ, 1979 Yamaha (Taiwan) CJ-818 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar #91015847, 1970s Yamaha L-6 Vintage Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Japan w / Case, Vintage Yamaha PE-200 + TS-100 Cabinet Guitar / Keyboard Amp, Yamaha SG2000 Santana Guitar 1978 With original case very good condition Japan, Yamaha CG110A Guitar with Hard Case (1981), Yamaha Red SC300T Electric Guitar with Yamaha Gig Bag and Tremelo Arm, Yamaha SE 700e Electric Guitar Made in Japan ca 1983 flip flop color, 1982 Yamaha SG1500 Vintage Electric Guitar Persimmon Red Neck Through Japan, VINTAGE 1970's YAMAHA SA1000 (ES-335 Style) - Near Mint, YAMAHA AES620 Bridge pickup Seymour Duncan SH-4 Excellent ConditionÂ, Beautiful Nippon Gakki No.
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