Spinifex Pigeon – Karijini National Park (WA) ... Purple Swamphen – Fitzroy Crossing (WA) Purple Swamphen – Fitzroy Crossing (WA) Purple Swamphen and chick Take home a little piece of Flinders Island!Since 2014 The Purple Swamphen has connected customers with handmade items from Flinders Island, Tasmania and beyond. 28/08/16. Purple Swamphen at Herdsman Lake, Perth, Western Australia. On our trip to Tasmania we discovered a Purple Swamphen with a chick, so we knew they’d been up to something. They didn’t want to be photographed and the attempt I made was poor, but you can see there is a small bird…evidence that something has happened. The purple swamp hen is found from New Zealand and Australia to the Middle East, and The Eurasian coot and dusky moorhen are found just about everywhere there is water in Australia. Bird Watching – Karijini National Park – Bungle Bungle Caravan Park (Western Australia) Posted on August 30, 2016 by dimcfarlane369. This is the first of three checklists of bird species and subspecies endemic (or nearly so) to the state of Western Australia. The coot is the same species you will see also throughout Europe and Asia. Found in the eastern mainland states and Tasmania, as well as eastern South Australia and south-east Northern Territory.
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