It’s a mild hike up a steep road and then a trail to the side, waters not hot but very very warm. There is a short but relatively steep hike to reach the springs, and be warned, they do smell strongly of sulfur. Pit Toilet: Yes, Gaviota is a very relaxing hot spring, gets kind of busy on the weekends. It's nice to take a dip in the pool after the hike or just sit on the rocks with your feet dipped in. Gaviota Hot Springs is a rustic and relaxing hot spring located approximately forty (40) minutes outside of the town of Santa Barbara in the unspoiled Las Padres National Forest. The hot springs are large enough for about half a dozen people to soak in and temperature usually fluctuates in the 90-100 degree range depending on the season. If you do Gaviota Peak, your total will be around 6 or 7 miles. You are encouraged to book your campsite as much as seven months in advance if traveling in summer since there is limited availability and demand is high. It's a short drive north and the mineral waters are easily accessible by a quick hike from the parking area. Early Spanish missionaries who frequented Gaviota Hot Springs described them as “a beautiful desert oasis,” this characterization spoke to the importance of the Springs to people centuries ago, and it is just as valuable today. Your email address will not be published. In this first hike of the series, we took the longer, scenic route to Gaviota Peak and Gaviota Hot Springs. As usual, it was hard to leave. This hike is partly in Gaviota State Park and partly in forest land. The Hike to Gaviota Hot Springs is considered moderate, and you should be able to complete it pretty easily. Type: One mile hike – 400 ft elevation gain Trail Description. views. Alternatively called Las Cruces Hot Springs after the small town that once existed along the junction of Highways 1 and 101, Gaviota Hot Springs are two stone mud-bottomed pools set in a palm-lined grotto a steep. Taking the loop route is especially rewarding, going up Trespass Trail and down Gaviota Peak Fire Road/Gaviota Hot Springs Trail. Look down on Highway 101, literally of course, as you hike the final mile of Trespass Trail, wrapping around the base of Gaviota Peak back to the junction near the start of the hike. GAVIOTA HOT SPRING So you are in Santa Barbara and you've just finished a day of wine tasting, what better way to continue the great day into the night then by taking a small hike to a hidden jacuzzi. The views, wildflowers, other vegetation and wildlife are worth the elevation gain. Visibility: Low About a 6.5 mile hike round trip, it’s well worth the remarkable views of the ocean and coastline. Many people who see the hot springs come away disappointed because they expect them to be larger and hotter. That trailhead is about 2.5 miles north on the highway from the main park entrance. Season: All I just had a soak 10 June 09, met some friendly folks, and had a fine time. The hike to the hot springs is only about a quarter-mile, but much of the trail is rocky and uneven. Gaviota Hot Springs is a small natural hot spring located just off the 101 freeway. Include the Gaviota Hot Springs in your next trip to Santa Barbara. The main trail is 6-mile round trip while the scenic Trespass Trail is a tremendously scenic 6.5-mile loop with 2,150 feet of elevation gain. Trail re-routing by natural or man-made influences and other conditions may have changed the trails slightly from the time I wrote them up to the time you hike them, so it's possible some information could be a slightly incorrect. General Description: Montecito Hot Springs is an old abandoned hot springs resort from the 1800's located in the San Padres Forest in the coastal mountains of California.Today the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County manages the property and hikers make the trek up the canyon to view the stone ruins and exotic plantings, the only remnants of the hot springs resorts. After 10 minutes, you will see and follow the sign “Gaviota Hot Springs”. You will get to a point where the Highway turns inland, pass the Gaviota Rest Area and proceed for 1.5 miles to the next exit labeled “California One.” Turn right at the top of the ramp and then take another right turn unto to Gaviota Park Boundary Road which is unnamed, continue to the cul-de-sac at the end of the road which is about 1/3 of a mile away. The natural earthen pools tend to be warm, mushy, and smelly (like sulfur) but never super hot. ... We came down the same way we went up because we wanted to stop at the Gaviota Hot Springs but you can take the Trespass Trail down to parking as well. Gaviota Hot Springs has been around for centuries and was a favorite place for early settlers such as the Spanish and British to relax and enjoy the therapeutic waters of the natural mineral hot pools. It fits about 6 people. I have hiked them all, measured them with a pedometer and took notes along the way. Learn about hiking trails such as Ellwood Main Monarch Butterfly Grove, Seven Falls and Three Pools, Red Rock , Carpinteria State Beach There is parking available here for a fee of $2 per day after parking you will be just 15-25 minutes away from soaking in the warm waters of Gaviota Hot Springs. There is however a parking fee of $2 per day, and the parking lot can get crowded, especially on weekends and public holidays. The overall hike is just over a mile and should take you about 15-25 minutes depending on your hiking speed. Elevation Gain. It’s more of a warm spring, but has been dammed up to create an inviting soaking pool. In the third part of the park, if possible, hike to the top of Gaviota Peak (2,458 feet), which is, in more ways than one, breathtaking. The hike is about one mile with an elevation of 400 feet. A nice side trip is a short hike from the trailhead to a hot spring. To get to Gaviota Park trailhead from Santa Barbara, you will drive west on Highway 101 for thirty (30) miles. It is important to remember when visiting hot springs in California or any state to leave them in better shape than when you arrived. Address Gaviota Beach Rd Goleta, CA 93117 Park Name Also known as Las Cruces Hot Springs, Gaviota is the perfect spot for a little away time and meditation when you are passing through the town of Santa Barbara. Don’t be turned off by the smell as it’s totally natural and what gives them their healing powers! Map Quad: Solvang After going a bit further, Outings Chair Tony Biegen was kind enough to escort Jignasa on a short cut over to the Hot Springs to meet us. Length ~6.3 miles round trip. After a long hike, this is a great way to show your feet how much you care about them in spite of the abuse that you just put them through. The Gaviota Hot Springs are less than a mile hike through a shaded trail. Gaviota State Park includes thirty-eight (38) campsites, none of which are located close to Gaviota Hot Springs to keep the springs as private as possible. Soap and shampoo, including bio soap and shampoo, do not breakdown naturally and pollute our fragile ecosystems. One of the reasons why you should visit Gaviota Hot Springs is because it never seems to be crowded and is highly accessible. Gaviota Hot Springs is located within Gaviota State Park which was established in 1953; it is one of a handful of California hot springs that is located on public property and fully accessible to the public. Near the source of the springs, a man made cistern collects the hot spring water which is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Gaviota Hot Springs in Goleta, California Gaviota Hot Springs is just up the highway from Gaviota State Beach and Campground. You are now at Gaviota Hot Springs; you will see two pools; the larger pool is walled by concrete and is the deepest of the two pools. 2151 ft. Trails. Wildlife: Moderate This short singletrack trail leads to the Gaviato Hot Springs. Copyright © 2020 Directory Starter Theme - Powered by WordPress. Bugs: Moderate There are also modern bathrooms with showers and flush toilets available at the campsites. The hot springs are comprised of two geothermal pools, the larger pool is walled and can accommodate approximately six people. There is even a hot spring, Gaviota Hot Springs, that you can hike to. From the trailhead cul-de-sac off Highway 101 in the Gaviota State Park, start your hike up the wide fire road, climbing up this road will result in an elevation gain of 150 feet. The springs are a light, milky blue with smells of sulfur permeating from them. Trash: Moderate Whether you need to relax after summiting Gaviota Peak in Gaviota State Park, or just prefer a quick, scenic destination hike, Gaviota Hot Springs is well worth the $2 parking fee.From the dirt lot, the fire road trail starts at a state park sign indicating the way to the peak and gains over 400 feet in elevation in a jaunt of just over 1 mile (round-trip). Gaviota Hot Springs is available to the public year-round even when the campground is closed to the public between January 1 and February 28. The campground spaces can be reserved so inquire at the state park website. Length 6.6 mi Elevation gain 2,214 ft Route type Loop The months with the highest visitor traffic are the summer months of June- September. Hot Springs: Gaviota Hot Springs has two hot springs areas. The temperature of Gaviota Hot Springs slightly varies throughout the year but averages between 95 and 100 degrees. Usage: High Camping: State Park camping nearby Panoramic coastal views, rock formations and a chance to visit some secluded hot springs make Gaviota Peak a popular destination for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo hikers. Gaviota Hot Springs is a rustic and relaxing hot spring located approximately forty (40) minutes outside of the town of Santa Barbara in the unspoiled Las Padres National Forest. To make reservations for a campsite so that you can enjoy Gaviota Hot Springs and the myriad of other attractions at the Gaviota State Park, you can contact 1-800-444-7275. Land: Gaviota State Park The campsites are not available between January 1 and February 28. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. The main hot springs is cemented rock walled tub. The Gaviota Hot Springs There are two pools, each of which holds about seven people. The one time (48 years ago) we went to the Gaviota one it was sort of a muddy hole, from your pictures it looks beautiful now. Gaviota Hot Springs and Trespass Trail is a 6.6 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Goleta, California that features hot springs and is rated as difficult. Length 5.9 mi Elevation gain 2,162 ft Route type Out & Back Gaviota Hot Springs is a rustic and relaxing hot spring located approximately forty (40) minutes outside of the town of Santa Barbara in the unspoiled Las Padres National Forest. The hike up to the springs is about a half-mile from the … Please report suspicious activity to public lands officials (take pics). I have visited Deep Creek Hot Springs several times. Even L.A. residents will find this peak to be a worthwhile destination for a day hike, or perhaps as part of a camping trip at the nearby state beach. Gaviota Peak Hike in Santa Barbara County with Poly Escapes – "SLO"wly Growing Up. Just came from there. Day Hike. There are no fees charged to access the Gaviota State Park, so you can bring the family along and enjoy the natural beauty of the Park and the therapeutic benefits of Gaviota Hot Springs while spending very little money. You are now at Gaviota Park trailhead. Continue for a quarter of a mile getting to a junction with Trespass Trail, then turn left and continue along the road until you get to the next junction which is located beside a creek. Take a dip in the natural milky blue pools of Gaviota Hot Springs! Elevation change: 400 feet. View Gaviota Hot Springs in a larger map. Hike in is easy. Got very busy Saturday around 10. We start our hike at the Gaviota Hot Springs Trailhead (5$ fee) and follow the … We recommend cleaning up the area and hot springs before soaking as it makes for a more natural experience and reward for your stewardship efforts. Area Features: Gaviota State Park, Gaviota Falls, Gaviota Peak Access to these springs is via a 0.7-mile long trail that climbs 400 feet from the trailhead elevation. We paused for some photo ops at the Gaviota Pass, above the Gaviota Tunnel. The rest of us climbed up to the Trespass Trail and looped back around for some higher (and even drier!) Although if you choose to take the longer hike to the spring, this can easily be… Clothing Optional: Yes The water isn’t scalding hot, but decently warm. Water Clarity: Low/cloudy This soaking spot is a convenient stop for those traveling the 101 on the California Central Coast. pH: n/a Gaviota Peak is a popular summit about 10 miles west of the city in the Santa Ynez Mountains. Elevation: n/a The hot pools are located in an overgrown canyon, about half mile up the hill from the parking area. The temperature of the hot springs is about 100 degrees, The temperature varies according to … A short walk off the trail, with markers to lead the way, the hot springs offer a few blue, tingling hot oases to rest your muscles. In the winter, when the more remote,,but hotter, springs are inaccessible, there's more ground water from rain, and the temp at Gaviota Hot Spring is just a bit too cool for a long, relaxing dip. We used to ride our horses over the mountain to camp and go to Upper Caliente Hot Springs, above the Pendola Ranger Station. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, and mountain biking. The entire trail is a wide path that leads upwards with successively higher vistas of … Temp: 95-100 Also, camping at Mono there was the little Caliente Hot Springs. GPS: 34.504598 -120.2259 Los Padres National Forest, California, USA. The hot water comes out of the hot springs like carbonated soda water. Loading ... tall with trails totaling to 34 miles and even features natural hot springs. Fee: Parking $10/day Gaviota Peak Trail is a 5.9 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Goleta, California that features hot springs and is rated as difficult. The smaller pool which is located next to the larger pool and can comfortably accommodate two people. Water was warm (maybe about 80). Gaviota Hot Springs: Goleta, CA Photo: Challis Popkey (@challypop) The hike to Gaviota Hot Springs is a short and sweet, one mile round-trip hike with a mild 400-foot elevation gain. Gaviota Hot Springs is on the small side, and the water would be more inviting if it circulated a bit more, but the springs is definitely worth checking out on the way to (or back from) Gaviota Peak. SANTA BARBARA. Offshore and inland, petroleum geologists have extensively explored underground for oil reservoirs within this rock sequence and probed its depths to understand the genesis of this important oil source. Closest Food/Gas: Santa Barbara The fee for one of the campsites in high season (March 1- November 30) is $45 per day, during the off-season (December 1-31) the fee is $35 per day. Love the options offered by the different pools... Read more about this listing. Also known as Las Cruces Hot Springs, Gaviota is the perfect spot for a little away time and meditation when you are passing through the town of Santa Barbara. The water in the creek is flowing from the hot springs; you will then turn right and follow the water until you get to the source which is about one-tenth of a mile up the creek. Please leave no trace, bring no glass and embrace the experience. If your body needs a soak, turn right to hike up to the hot springs. Gaviota Hot Springs. It is a pretty big incline, so be cautious and take it slow. If you do the Campbell trail loop, your total will be around 11 miles. Nice little adventure. Gaviota Hot Springs/ Trespass Trail is a 6.5 mile loop trail located near Goleta, California.. Oct 18, 2019 - The Gaviota Hot Springs are less than a mile hike through a shaded trail which will lead you to the light, milky blue pool with smells of sulfur permeating. Gaviota State Park The coastal bluffs at Gaviota State Park reveal a 500-foot-thick cross-section of the geographically extensive Monterey Formation. The main trailhead is just off Highway 101 in Gaviota State Park. The hike itself is very easy and mostly follows a gravel fire road. Deep Creek Hot Springs in Southern California. Location. The hike to Gaviota Hot Springs is short, but steep. Odor: Sulfur Restrictions: State Park campground closed Jan 1 – Feb 28 Gaviota Mountain in Gaviota, ... Gaviota Mountain Hike Luke Butcher. The campsites can accommodate tents and RV’s and can comfortably fit a family of five. This time of the year is perfect to visit if you want to take a long soak in the hot waters of the spring without having to consider that other people are waiting to use the springs. Done on its own, this is a one mile hike with 400 feet of … This small, natural spring is located just off the 101 near Santa Barbara. About 30 minutes into the hike you will find a fork in the road, MAKE sure to stay to the right!
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