The purpose of the Reflections is to give you credit for keeping up with assignments, and to help you prepare for class discussion. Here is the condition: it must be related to African American Studies, and you must tie it in with an article, key terms, or with something we have done/discussed in class. 1 This will be the 4th year NCSU will be offering Maymester summer courses. If you are an emergency responder (such as an EMT) and must receive pages, you must notify the instructor within the first week of the course. High School Africa and African-American Studies Curriculum. We can only become responsible citizens when we possess an "understanding of our past, our complexity, our diversity, and our cultural distinctiveness [which can] free us to face our problems and embrace the possibilities our history, our development, our culture have given us.". This course offers students an open academic forum within which all students inquire into the diversity and complexity of the African American experience. Devon Lee. These analyses will ask us to identify and analyze general global patterns through the study of the local and specific. Late work will be penalized ten points per day. In the discussion section, all students will help lead one discussion each and all are expected to participate in every discussion. Email: Electronic mail is a valuable tool. This course will examine a broad spectrum of subjects and themes from an interdisciplinary perspective – Africa and African enslavement, resistance to oppression, the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights Movement, Black Power, Black manhood and womanhood, economic and political topics and expressive culture (especially Rap and Hip Hop). AADS 1010: Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies. Note: The syllabi below are provided for informational purposes and are subject to change. » The only exceptions to this will be when you have explicit, advanced permission from your instructor. Phone: 352-273-0392 Email: ), Learn more at Get Started with MIT OpenCourseWare, MIT OpenCourseWare makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT's subjects available on the Web, free of charge. Updated August 4, 2006 . Introduction to African-American and African Studies (AAS 1010) Fall Semester (August 25, 2020-November 24, African American Studies Course Syllabi. AAAS 10 Introduction to African American Studies (Ordinarily the two introductory courses must be completed by the end of the junior year.) Two courses in an African language One course in pre-20 th century African history. AFAM 101-01: Introduction to African American Studies Summer, 2017 This course is required for the major and minor in African American Studies. Therefore, if you miss a class, it is. African American History to 1865 History 235/Africana Studies 311, Section 01, Fall 2014 Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:00- 3:20 pm 229 Blair Hall This course explores the history of African-descended people in the United States from their first arrival in the North American colonies through the end of slavery during the U.S. Civil War. INTRODUCTION TO AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES. When you begin teaching Introduction to African-American Studies, you will be joining a group of high school teachers who share ideas and materials with each other through email and teacher workshops held in the summer and throughout the school year. SYLLABUS AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES AFAS C1001X INTRODUCTION TO AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES FALL SEMESTER, 2005 Dr. Manning Marable-Professor of Public Affairs, History, and African American Studies Director, Center for Contemporary Black History Office Location: 760 Schermerhorn Extension; email MCB 519 Introduction Black Studies began in 1968 as a discipline dedicated to understanding and improving the lived experience of Africans and African … 4-5 Noliwe Rooks, White Money/Black Power: The Surprising History of African American Studies and the Crisis of Race in Higher Education, Ch. . These comments will be addressed and discussed in class should they arise. Freely browse and use OCW materials at your own pace. Late adds: If you join the course late you must meet with the instructor as soon as possible. Do not use instant message abbreviations. This course meets on Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 10:40 in Robinson A245. Examinations:  The course will have two examinations that include short answers, identifications, and essay questions. The two book reviews for this course will be submitted as a 5- to 7-minute digital story and may be completed by one individual or by a team (2 people). We’ll start by deconstructing the concepts of “Negro” and its congeners: “Black,” “African-American,” etc.? Intro To African American Studies Course Syllabus Pg. ENGL 2320: Southern Literature. .. interactive . » You will not be permitted to submit assignments that you have missed without special arrangement with the instructor. ENGL 3646: Poetry Since World War II. This syllabus may be subject to change. Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies, Framing Cultural Phenomena as Technologies, Leveraging the Humanities to Break Walls and Build Bridges, Unlocking Knowledge through MIT OpenCourseWare, Course Materials that Develop Understanding, excluded from our Creative Commons license. Fall 2016 - CRN: 80199. . Course Description: An elective course that examines the history and culture of Africa and the African-American experience in an interdisciplinary format, including an analysis of the unique historical, cultural, and social developments from the Middle Passage to the present day. You can attend an event sponsored by a student organization on campus or an event outside of campus. We don't offer credit or certification for using OCW. Final disclaimer: This syllabus is subject to revision as the semester proceeds. 1 HIST 550.01E African American History COURSE SYLLABUS: Fall, 2015 Instructor: Dr. Derrick McKisick Office Location: Ferguson Social Sciences #119 Office Hours: M 9 am to 10 am and 2 pm -3 pm, W 1pm 3pm, F 9 am –10 am or by appointment Office Phone: 903.886.5222 Office Fax: 903.468.3230 University Email Address: COURSE INFORMATION Keywords for American Studies . to Africana Studies. I am excited to offer our Africana Studies Maymester course, AFS 241, Introduction to African American Studies.I am an associate professor of Africana Studies and Psychology at NC State University. All correspondence should take place via your GMU email account. of French) Tel: (613) 520-2600 ext. If you do not hear back from your instructor, you should assume that your work is due on the original date. I will mark the Reflections with a check-plus, check, check-minus, or a zero. Use OCW to guide your own life-long learning, or to teach others. Thus for this course, students should allocate at least five hours per work to complete their assignments. . It is better to submit work late than to break the Honor Code. Dr. S. Evans Departments: UF African American Studies/Women's Studies . It is designed to expose students to the contributions of African Americans to the history and culture of the United States. Basic requirements include an alert and attentive presence; participation verbally and mentally; and a positive attitude to everyone in the class. Learn more », © 2001–2018 Reading:  The readings for this class include one textbook and four additional texts. August 31 . We will discuss this more in class. Students are not to compose, read, or respond to text messages. As personal narrative is an important genre in Asian American Studies, your first assignment for this class is to write a 350-500 word personal narrative reflecting on the interactions, people, and experiences that have shaped your understanding and stereotypes of the term “Asian American.” All students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the deadlines for course assignments. Do not hesitate to respond to your colleagues or argue a position, no matter how conventional or unique, just make sure you have documented facts to back up what you say. Final course grades will be calculated according to the following rubric, Can be completed individually or with a partner, Reflections, Quizzes, and Class Participation. I will, from time to time, send emails to the class, and I am happy to respond to your email messages provided you bear in mind the following points. There will also be an emphasis on the development of the concept of race and its effect on African Americans over time. Find materials for this course in the pages linked along the left. The course is organized around a series of “keywords,” defined as a living vocabulary of culture, power, and social change. Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies And the struggle continues toward a better world…. You also need to reflect on how it affected you to attend this event. CMST 3110: Women, Rhetoric, and Social Change. Disabilities, Academic Accommodations and Religious Observances:  If you are a student with a disability and you need academic accommodations, please see contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) at 703-993-2474. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Extra credit points are added onto to your midterm exam or final exam grade. . Download files for later. If at any point, however, you have a question about this, please ask. What do texts and theories about Africans and their descendants in the Americas, alongside other “Negroes” (somewhat in the sense of Raoul Peck & James Baldwin’s film “I Am Not Your Negro”), reveal about the making of various hierarchies of power in the United States and beyond—based on race, class, gender, etc.? We’ll seek to enrich our understanding of these concepts through analyses that consider the possibility of action by ourselves as local community members and as world citizens working toward equal opportunity for individual and communal well-being. African Americans and the 1920s 1918-1929 Week 12: The African-American Odyssey 18. ECON 3150: Topics in the Economic History of the U.S. ECON 4520W: Seminar on Globalization. This winter I am teaching an “Introduction to Latin American Studies” course in a fully online format. And it is wide-ranging, covering the experiences of African-descended people throughout the world, from antiquity to the present. Still, can we hope to improve our future and "make America [and the world] great" (at long last?) There's no signup, and no start or end dates. In academic and professional settings, all emails should have a descriptive subject line (“Question about AFAM 200 assignment”), begin with a respectful salutation (“Prof. All academic accommodations must be arranged through that office. View AAS 1010 FALL 2020 Final syllabus copy.doc from AAS 102 at University of Virginia. This course is an introduction to African American studies (also known as black studies or Africana studies), a field that concerns itself with Africa and the diaspora as a whole. (3) A statement about how the readings/videos/exhibits relate to other class discussions and larger themes of the course. Similarly, American Studies scholars aren’t particularly hung up on what their object of study should be. Furthermore, if you miss class on the day of an exam, you will not be permitted to make it up without prior arrangement with the instructor. Announcements will be made at our class meetings or via GMU email accounts and students are responsible for being aware of any changes. Syllabus Course Home Syllabus ... “Black,” “African-American,” etc.? A prime focus will be continuity and change in African American culture, adaptation and transformations to social, economic and political conditions and resistance and accommodation to systems of oppression and discrimination. All submissions should be in PDF format and should be sent to the Managing Director of ASLE at [email protected]. » This course is an introduction to African American Studies. Your use of the MIT OpenCourseWare site and materials is subject to our Creative Commons License and other terms of use. Week 1 INTRODUCTION TO COURSE, SYLLABUS REVIEW INTRODUCTION TO BLACK STUDIES Readings:-“Black Studies: A Political Perspective,” Michael (Mike) Thelwell -“Planning for the 1980’s: A Status Report Submitted by The Department of Afro-American Studies,” The University of Massachusetts – Amherst Assignment: ... Click on the course designators to open each syllabus in pdf format. It should include: (1) what you know (knowledge based on factual evidence) and not what you believe (opinions or ideology). The point of these extra credit opportunities is to begin applying what we cover and discuss in this class to real events and current events happening in the world around us. AFAM 200: Introduction to African American Studies Syllabus. ordinary people telling stories their own way . With the help of guest speakers from various disciplines, we will use language, linguistics, education, history, religion, literature, migration, politics, etc., to examine how theories and concomitant attitudes about “Black Matters” have shaped, and have been shaped by, global events through struggle, rebellion, critique and innovation. Sample Syllabus. Week 2 . A reconnection to Africa is essential, for it is there that everything begins. Introduction to New American Studies Course description and objectives: The aim of this course is to introduce students to the major themes and methods of New American Studies, a theoretically-informed, comparative and socially engaged recent development within American Studies. . We will examine the role of language, Class Location: Little Hall 119 Office Location: 304 Ustler Hall When I report cases of plagiarism to the Honor Committee, I recommend that the penalty be failure for the course or suspension from George Mason. Laurence Levine, 1996, The Opening of the American Mind, Boston: Beacon Press, 174. AAS 2010 Introduction to African American Studies Dr. Michael Simanga Fall 2014 August 25 December 16 Instructor Bio. AFAM 200-001: Intro African/American Studies (Fall 2016) 01:30 PM to 02:45 PM TR Planetary Hall (formerly Science & Tech I) 122 . We invite new syllabi to be included in the archive. This is one of over 2,200 courses on OCW. Students will utilize a variety of curricular approaches and materials from historical monographs, to oral histories and slave narratives, to film and music. We will So while (for example) an English course will most likely take as its object of study a novel, poem or play (that is, Literature), an American Studies course will look at To do this effectively you need to have read and thought about the assigned reading before class. To do well in this course, come to class, read weekly, take part in discussions, and work hard on your papers. The Each week is a new theme, so each week the course input (lecture, reading. More on Clayborne Carson. » . Linguistics and Philosophy My office hours are Tuesday and Thursdays 10-12 p.m. & by appt, Syllabus Caveat: This syllabus is a document-in- process. . Reflections must be posted by 12 midnight EVERY THURSDAY. . In the event that you must miss class, you are responsible for the contents of the lecture or discussion. Course syllabus. Such drastic outcomes are avoided through proper citations and good communication with your instructor. With more than 2,400 courses available, OCW is delivering on the promise of open sharing of knowledge. I will NOT accept late Reflections or emailed submissions. This archive of sample syllabi is a resource for students, teachers, and scholars. You are expected to take notes each day and should you need guidance in good collegiate note taking please see me. Haiti, my native country, and other socio-economically and intellectually oppressed communities in the Americas will serve as comparative case studies for analyzing the shaping and reshaping of languages, cultures and identities by Black people in the Americas and beyond. Knowledge is your reward. Benson & Roberts Introduction to Africana Studies 3 Session 3: September 17 Fabio Rojas, From Black Studies to Black Power: How a Radical Social Movement Became an Academic Discipline, Introduction, Chs. Checklist for the Africana Studies minor Option 1: African-American Culture track (15 credits) _____ AFRCNA 0031 Introduction to Africana Studies _____ AFRCNA _____ (lower ... AFRCNA 0311 Introduction to the African American Family 1 AFRCNA 0313 The Black Church 1, 3 AFRCNA 0318 History of Africa before 1800 2 . It is my duty to report all violations of the Honor Code, and I take this duty quite seriously. 2 Dr. Bhardwaj FALL 2017 This course provides the framework for understanding what has happened and is happening to Africans. You will receive a check-minus if something is missing or the instructions were not followed carefully, and a zero if it is substantially incomplete or turned in late. You are expected to respect to your classmates and the Instructor. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and overall offensive language does not contribute to creating a safe space in this class. It is designed to expose students to the contributions of African Americans to the history and culture of the United States. We will discuss what constitutes plagiarism and how to cite sources properly in this course. It is not what you believe but how effectively you can present and document evidence that will convince the reader of your essay. Students who use laptops for purposes other than taking notes (i.e., email, instant messaging, internet browsing) will be asked to leave. Attention to literature, history, popular culture (music, television, magazines, newspapers, movies, film documentaries), and politics will allow us to identify the key historical and political issues. . . View Notes - AAS Syllabus from AAS 2010 at Georgia State University.

introduction to african american studies syllabus

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