Avoid getting bugged by a foodborne illness at your fourth of July celebrations by checking out these resources: Avoid spoiling your summer fun with a foodborne illness. July 13- National French Fry Day. Start gaining culinary experience by checking out our 4-H foods projects, Directions for grilling meat, poultry and seafood, eXtension.org - Community, Local and Regional Food Systems, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), 1 can (20 ounces) pineapple chunks, drained, 1 container (8 ounces) fat-free lemon-flavored yogurt, 1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries or frozen blueberries, thawed and patted dry. Add pizzazz to 4th of July meals with a fruit dish made with frozen flavored yogurt. This might be one of my favorite holidays of the entire year. National Lasagna Day. Today is a special day for everyone who grew up on Hostess, Entenmann’s, or similar brands. The month is full of days that honor our country’s independence, summer time food, cowboys, and even lipstick! July 2021 Weekly Holidays Bean and Bacon Days: 1-5 Link Beer Pong Days: 1-4 (Moved from June) Link (Note: I have no validation Beer Pong Day is in May as other sites claim.) July 30. ... National Ice Cream Month: Food & Beverage: Dessert, Fun, Ice Cream, Summer, Sweet Food: Jul 3-9. Food Days in July. No three or four-day fests for them, they have dedicated an entire month to the art of eating. Email author, Kayla Colgrove, MS, RD, Extension Educator (kayla.colgrovefoo@unl.edu). Fried chicken is an OG comfort food whether you’re from the South or not. The best thing about hot fudge sundaes is that you can pick any flavor and topping combos you want, as long as it has hot fudge drizzles across the top. Summer Food Service Program. Celebrate today by scoring awesome deals at fast food chains like Carl’s Jr., Wendy’s, BurgerFi, and more! Greek Turkey Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce. Air Conditioning Appreciation Days (July 3 - August 15) Dog Days of Summer (July 3 - August 11) Sports Cliché Week (July 12-18) With warm, sunny weather across the country, it’s no surprise July garnered the titles of National Picnic Month, National Grilling Month and National Ice Cream Month, to name just a few. For more blueberry information and recipes, check www.blueberrycouncil.org. In 2019, the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) provided meals to 2.7 million children each day at 47,463 sites during the program's peak month of July. Find them here. Ice Cream Day (third Sunday of the month)* Do a flip flop for the traditional dish of ice cream. A year of the world's Best Beaches There's a perfect beach for every week of the year. This month brings a wide array of days to enjoy, from main meals, to salty sides, and fun desserts. July 2 National Anisette Day. Summer is synonymous with barbecues, parades, fireworks displays – and plenty of visits to emergency rooms, especially during July. Preparing and shopping for berries (Source: Healthy Bites newsletter), It's Berry Fun (Source: Food Fun for Young Kids), Fruit and Vegetable Buying Guides (Source: Nebraska's Nutrition Education Program), Makes 4 servings; Per serving: 233 calories; 4 g protein; 49 g carbohydrate; 3 g fat; 0 mg cholesterol; 3.2 g dietary fiber; 43 mg sodium, Source: Reproduced with permission from Pivonka, E. and Berry, B., 5 A Day: The Better Health Cookbook (copyright, Rodale, 2002). Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day (July 18, 2020 - 3rd Sat) July … July 11: National Blueberry Muffin Day. In the Roman calendar, July … July is one of the hottest months of the year. Take this quiz and check your summer food safety savvy! Water Safety. At National Today, we love celebrating 78 July holidays. We’re basically halfway through the summer months, and we deserve to celebrate. Tropical Fruits and Melons Grades K-2 2. Thinking about a career in the culinary arts? Get out your calendars because there are some incredible national days in July! The Romans called the month Quintilius, which means fifth. Eat Beans Day (July 3) 4th of July (July 4) Macaroni Day (July 7) Ice Cream Day (third Sunday of the month) * Hamburger Day (July 28) National Food Weeks. That’s right, I said it. If you don’t go The Cheesecake Factory today, don’t even bother with this holiday. Educate and energize your co-workers with National Health Observances (NHOs). Two age-appropriate lesson plan guides are available for each month. Pasta Pronto! Berry Month; Blueberry Month; Culinary Arts Month; Grilling Month; Ice Cream Month; Picnic Month * Day changes yearly We guarantee these wonton… National Graham Cracker Day. Bicycling. As if summer weather and vacations weren't good enough reasons to love July, there are many ways to have fun each day. Nebraska Extension's Calendar of Food Days, Weeks, and Months is a monthly, web-based food-themed calendar. Some may argue that gummy worms are inferior to gummy bears, and in my opinion, those people are not wrong. The younger the child, the greater the risk. The great thing about a sugar cookie is that, if baked correctly, it is the perfect middle between under and over baked. Folklore for the Season. In my opinion, milk chocolate is supremely inferior to dark chocolate, but I still think it deserves its own celebration. Or simply scroll down the page. __________________________. July 3: Eat Beans Day. P.S.- sour worms are way better, and I appreciate the red/blue ones the most! Food Calendar. Hop-a-Park Day – First Saturday in July. It provides resources for selected national food-themed days, weeks, and months. We hope this provides you inspiration for blogs, tweets, programs, and articles. Being that July is National Ice Cream month, it’s only fitting that a day is dedicated to the holy grail of ice cream dishes. ~Kayla Colgrove, MS, RD, ACSM-CPT (kayla.colgrovefoo@unl.edu). See our summer weather forecast. The Portland Dining Month started in 2009 is one of the best food festivals in USA, and still continues its tradition of keeping connoisseurs happy and filled to the gills.The … Below, listed by month are the Food Holidays and Observances, that we are aware of so far.There may a few duplicates or incorrect dates, there may be some that we have left off that we will add as we find them, and there are some that are similar, but have different Sponsor Organizations that started the … Salads Can Be Made from More than Lettuce: Try a Rice Salad! Weird, I know, but wicked good. Food Holidays. A huge part of what makes a good hot dog is the many many ways to dress it. National July Belongs to Blueberries Month . National Apple Turnover Day. Thyroid Awareness Month 8. National Workaholics Day. Submission should include photos and supporting media and clearly demonstrate a tie-in with Ice Cream & Novelties. National Bikini Day. Tropical Fruits and Melons Grades 3-5 American food holidays: There's a food holiday every day of the year—like National Popcorn Day, Shortbread Day and Hot Dog Day. Water Safety. From National Ice Cream Day, National Pina Colada Day, National Blueberry Day, and National Mojito Day, we have you covered. Image Source. Join in their celebration with any slice for half off! If you don't have a garden or allotment, you can still enjoy the best of the summer with greengrocers' shelves packed full of seasonal treats. By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier. Creamy, rich, and light all at the same time, I don’t know how this dessert does it. Blueberries burst with a sweet-tart flavor that's classic in summer pies, jams and fruit salads. Be Nice to Jersey Week: Cause: Awareness, Love, Obscure: Jul 18-26. July 8: National Chocolate with Almonds Day. January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December. If you need an excuse to get outside and indulge in tasty summer food and treats, July is the official month to celebrate picnics, grilling and ice cream. Twix, Kit-Kats, and Reese’s are all great candies for dark chocolate lovers to celebrate milk chocolate. July 8 National Chocolate with Almonds Day. National Stalking Awareness Month 6. We hope this provides you inspiration for blogs, tweets, programs, and articles. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato are a must, but make it your own with turkey, avocado, or ranch! Nebraska Extension's Calendar of Food Days, Weeks, and Months is a monthly, web-based food-themed calendar. National Raspberry Cake Day. Coincidentally, the Almanac’s forecast for July 2020 looks warmer and steamier than your average July! Macaroni has such a versatile shape that it works equally well in salads, soups, and even topped by your favorite pasta sauce. Bicycling. National Birth Defects Prevention Month 3. If you don't have a garden or allotment, you can still enjoy the best of the summer with greengrocers' shelves packed full of seasonal treats. Month-Long July Food Holidays National Baked Bean Month National Culinary Arts Month National … July 3 National Chocolate Wafer Day. It's therefore natural that hotpot is a favorite summer food for locals -- the bubbling pot of spicy broth comes filled with scarlet chilies and heaps of mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorns. Find them here. Whether you want to fill up the picnic basket or fire up the barbecue, there's a July food holiday for you! No, you’re not dreaming, a day dedicated to fries really does exist! During the school year, 22 million children receive free or reduced-price school meals through the National School Lunch Program.

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