Fragrant daphne’s can be challenging shrubs to grow and do need the right growing conditions. Deer resistant. Daphne Odora or winter Daphne is native to China. Daphne odora (or Winter Daphne), as the name implies, has very fragrant blooms that start appearing in late winter. There are many varieties of Daphne odora and all of them have the same beautifully scented flowers. Winter Daphne, scientifically known as Daphne odora, and Summer Daphne, Daphne transatlantica, are superstar flowering shrubs.The fragrant flowers of both fill the garden with intoxicating perfume. Slow growing, rounded form. Leaves are evergreen & leathery. Daphne Odora Plants How To Grow Healthy Daphne’s. It is a popular winter garden plant known for their highly fragrant, star shaped waxy white and pink flowers clusters. Intense orange blossom like fragrances. Glossy green leaves with broad yellow margins. Daphne odora: Winter Daphne. Very easy to grow, Daphne are wonderful evergreen bushes to add sensory appeal around shady patio gardens, decks, porches and other outdoor living spaces. Mine is a variegated variety ‘Aureo Marginata’ that really stands out in my shade border. Evergreen shrub. Most have pink or white flowers and evergreen leaves. Daphne odora 'Rebecca' Winter Daphne. Moderate water needs in well-drained soil once established. Pink buds in January open to light pink flowers in February and March. The flowers bloom in late winter. Winter daphne (D. odora) is the variety to choose if you like a powerful fragrance.Four feet (1 m.) tall with narrow, glossy leaves, it is the type most likely to suffer from sudden death syndrome. The scent is so thick that on warmer days it can envelop a neighborhood. Clusters of small magenta blooms with small throats in January to February.

daphne odora plant

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