When our food was presented the large #1 turned out to be a medium order of which I brought this to the attention of the employee and she looked at me as though I was from outer space. To my utter shock, I was floored that "your" manager that represents your corporation would actually say that to a patron. You can try the About Us [+] side of the website for corporate information. Concerned customers can even reach the customer service department at 1-866-394-2493. Jill M. Granat – General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Alexandre Behring Hello I like to see Burger come out with a flame broiled burger .That I can get at the store .There is no Burger king around me .The closest one to me is in Springfield IL .I live in Taylorville IL this is 3o miles away from me. 1000 W Wilshire Blvd 203, Oklahoma City, OK 73116 Map & Directions (405) 840-3663. I live a short distance away from there, but refuse to go there after several people I know have become sick after eating there and the response is "we can re-make it for you!!!!" The least the manager could have done was to place a sign on the door of the men's restroom alerting patrons of the disgusting appearance of the restroom which one would think would be one of the cleanest areas of the building. Rockport Tx location. DO YOU CARE????????? Customers can also choose to contact the customer service department with issues at 1-866-394-2493. Duncan Fulton – Chief Corporate Officer I WENT TO DRIVE THRU TO ORDER WITH COUPONS FOR TWO CRISPY CHICKEN COMBOS @ $5.00 AND A WHOPPER COMBO $5.00. There are many ways to bring it at Burger King Corporation. Fine. Got food for a family of 4, the burgers were skimped with toppings, such as the bacon burgers. managment don't care. Because they did not have the chicken we wanted and to make it easy we decided to get the same thing for all adults. Burger King Headquarters 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami, FL 33126. I suggest you educate the management at this establishment on customer service, organizational behavior, branding, and marketing so this won't happen again. Gave him a write up an cut his hers for being two minutes late an threatened to demote him from his manager spot an take his pay away. I was informed at the intercom that the water wasn't/hadn't been working since opening that morning due to a leak, which means they had to cut the water off. The family just drove almost 10 miles to get some fries . I have worked in fast food for 20 plus years and I have never heard a GM be rude, nasty, hateful, degrading to employees. I tried to order two of your (big promotion) new cinnamon buns only to be told they are out of them and wouldn't get any until next week. How are ya'll cleaning up, cleaning utensils & grill, or washing your hands? I'm just an average guy that liked uour positive letter. The company was founded in 1953 as Insta-Burger King, a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain. José Cil – Chief Executive Officer I left my wallet in the Burger King on McKinley in Mishawaka Indiana's bathroom which was being cleaned by an employee. Fast Food Restaurants Restaurants Hamburgers & Hot Dogs. I wouldn't mind the extra wait. EXCELSIOR!!!!!!--. The company intends to use the proceeds on rolling out of new company-owned Burger King restaurants and repayment or prepayment of outstanding borrowings. This is horrible, You need to go straight to the labor board. Explore below to find the right opportunity for you. If so, I will eat there even less but if not, I will give them another try soon! (713) 365-4206. I and ALL of them will do our best to report and continue to report any and all issues that are proven. We went ahead and ordered to take out to a nearby park. Worst customer service I have ever seen. I then stated to Shanna that our order was for a "large" #1 and she replied that the employee was not going to be employed much longer anyways. Roberto Moses Thompson Motta The urinal was partially covered with plastic. Vince. Website: Customers can access the official website for Burger King [+] to find out more about the restaurant. these view and others all negative are agreed upon by my parents siblings children(adults and children) aunts uncles in laws the whole family , not one has anything good to say about BK except how much we miss the old BK. I finally got up threw my food away and l left. Me an my personal life has nothing to do with these people and they should not be threatening me when me or any other one is in the work place. !Because of the representatives at that location I took my refund right next door to McDonald's your competitor and allowed them to put a smile on my face as the say "I'm Loving it"!! The mailing address is the same as the physical address for the corporate office. I received little attention due to the co-workers and the server having a full-blown conversation. 4th St. in Corvallis Oregon. His store is also one of cleanest I've been in the other is in Reston (all the other locals I've been are dirty and I don't go back to them especially the one in Herndon off route 606 its always been that way and they can never get a simple order right and I stopped going there after my second trip). This is a Federal law and every business must send out W-2's no later than January 31st of each year. Burger King Corporate Office & Headquarters 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr Miami FL 33126 Burger King corporate phone number: (305) 378-3535 Average Rating and Total Reviews This has been my go to fast food restaurant over the years. (480) 948-9969. Paul J. Fribourg On a scale of 1-10 1 being the best BK original chicken gets a minus 12. store # 6710 hope mills rd hope mills nc need to replace everyone there customer service is terrible they dont value their jobs there I understand the stressful environment I have worked at several of the fast food chains prior to my military service however there should be a sense of pride present when your name is involved whether you care about the brand you represent or not it is a direct reflection on yourself as well as your employer simply put if you dont like what you do seek other employment it is sad to see grown people act in this manner living up to the stereotype and I am not referring to the expected 21-26 year old this was someone at least my age being generous about it at that the customers did not choose to work at a fast food restaurant you did deal with it or quit smmfh!!! Burger King Corporate Office & Headquarters 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr Miami FL 33126 I had a few questions about the general manager an her boyfriend who is the assistant general manager. Burger King Corporate Office Hq. As a customer this is something that I don't want to hear with my child present. Burger King was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Oct 29, 2007 and since then this brand received 1383 reviews.. Burger King ranks 65 of 640 in Fast Food category. I wrote a complaint about the Burger King in Marion, AR and the one in West Memphis, AR and I got a rude response from Christine Clever. Monday to Friday. If we are refused service, we will put Burger King Restaurants on the DO NOT Patronize list on the internet. Never again! Then she and the other staff had a good laugh. Concerned customers can even reach the customer service department at 1-866-394-2493. Contact Burger King customer service. Address: 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami, FL 33126 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-305-378-3000 Fax Number: n/a Customer Service Number: 1-866-394-2493 Burger King is a famous for their fast food restaurants that serve hamburgers. The Burger King system is committed to developing restaurants in the best locations across the country. I could understand the dishonesty from a random person. Also, the opportunity to review, rate, praise or publish a complaint about your customer experiences with these companies. contact@carrols.com +1 315 424 0513 968 James St., Syracuse, P.O. However, Burger King’s corporate office does not address customer complaints by email, so if you want to email a complaint to Burger King, you have to do a little more work than usual. It is obvious that Burger King doesn't give a rats butt about their locations. (1) Website View Menu. Unlock this page Questions & Answers. If corporate America reads this then please do something about this. Food, Value, and the specials are priced well. The drive through was backed up. So as I went back to my table another customer said she would never come back to eat and told to pray over my food. Cecilia Sicupira A visible hand print was over another smashed down to just over an inch, totally unappetizing to look at. Perhaps someone at the corporate level might want to address this:---Ladies and Gentleman of the Line! Burger King Corporate Office Address And Phone Number Email 2020. Why I get off from work at 6:00am and breakfast is not ready into 7:00am at burger king bad day. The opening hours of the Burger King corporate office is from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Thomas V. Milroy If you are losing money so badly on this item, that you feel the need to put a quarter of a piece of bacon on the sandwichtake it off your menu. My chocolate shake was undrinkable. Burger King Headquarters Info. These days of pre cooking the food and holding it in supposed warming trays is no way to do buisness. I did I ask the young man what's going on is my coffee going to be substituted for the orange juice? Agencies Burger King India IPO to open on December 2. We visited your location #11207 on April 22,2106. Burger King Corporate Phone Number: The phone number for Burger King headquarters is 1-305-378-3000. That is animal cruelty at the highest level. We make a mistake and he makes a big deal about it. I sat down and my fries were cold. And I will be posting on all social media about this problem and recommending they take their business elsewhere. Burger King, which employs an average 20-25 people per store, is likely to generate an employment opportunity for additional 8,640-10,800 persons in its expansion plan. I have had several wrong orders in the last couple of months here at the Newton, Iowa store. Order Burger online for fast Burger delivery or drop by for carryout. She is trying to get into my personal life which is completely illegal. Now to surprise you I'm not writing to complain about anything, just the opposite I want to tell them they have an excellent employee in you and your Management skills. Below you will find the Burger King headquarters contact details. 1000 W Wilshire Blvd 203, Oklahoma City, OK 73116 Map & Directions (405) 840-3663. I agree what has happened to the great Burger King we grew up with. Birmingham, Al. He was also told the station couldn't be changed. How do I get a response from BK corporate HQ as I don't see any reply to any of these comments. Anonymous I am currently a Burger King Employee, and really unhappy with some stuff that is going on. Burger King Corporation NEEDS TO RESPOND IMMEDIATELY to save the corporate reputation. This is the review I posted on YELP.I had taken my grandchildren to the park and decided to take them to eat. A seven year old and a two year old do not need to be exposed to this.There were also other families in there with their children. When I asked the staff if they could turn it off or change the station, they explained that they did not have control of the TV and that they had orders from above that it was to stay put. No excuse me nothing. Burger King's largest competitor is McDonald's. ), they bought a buger king for me with my monies with no instructions from me located st paul mn on grand ave the are robbing ,me blind. It is more often than not that these issues take place at Burger King than any other fast food joint around so it's clearly a Corp thing and not just individual cases. I will take the kids elsewhere from now on. We spoke with with the cashier and she stated that the owner doesn't care what is going on at the franchise. Corporate needs to conduct classes and observe this store without letting the staff know they're coming. Brands available from Burger King headquarters are offered at restaurants all over the world. Was a great new hamburger chain back in the day, but not anymore. Martin E. Franklin You can choose Not Applicable if the contact is not in regards to a visit at a local Burger King. Burger King Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Burger King Holdings, Inc. Hi I am a current employee at burger king in Payson AZ 85541. We were in the process of eating when my dining partner bit into their whopper and said ouch. 10/25/2018 Previous review. The manager looked like he had just woken up from a nap in the dumpster. My problem? When I drove up all the lights was out in drive thru , so I parked and went in I hollered Not a soul answered me. My ticket # is as follows; Fri Apr 22 2016 05:20 PM T=00L I=5 C-3262. Onion rings were more soggy than crispy, and the drinks tasted flat..or you could just close this location down since I know i'm probably not the only unhappy customer. I visited BK with my grandchildren today. While I was waiting for my order another worker walked up got his order of onion rings reached over me onto the counter to get some sauce. There is a BK. she wouldn't even answer. What a waste of money for the food and gas o line and our time. Matthew Dunnigan – Chief Financial Officer Nuff said. We have a strong team empowered with growth-driving initiatives to help identify the right location for you.

burger king corporate office

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