Why this portfolio works: Color: Uses neutral colors (greys and white) along with red as the highlight color.This allows him to draw your attention where he wants it. But if you are an UX design expert with many years’ experience, see if you can include as many as 20 examples of your design work to give a broader picture of your skills. It's my CV and Portfolio 2019, my project about UI/UX Design. A sharable link would be OK. A password protected link might be even better. This is really sweet. Being decorated with many film elements, like the brown movie background with subtle scratches and picture frames with movie styles, it gives people a feeling of watching an old movie while browsing its Bio, CV, Showcase, Recent Output and more sections there. The experts don’t agree on what the magic number of projects should be, some say just one can be enough, others say 3 or 5. *Also adopt a liner map or tree structure to illustrate your information. That way, everyone will see your design skills at their best. It has 16 pages. Moreover, every time when you click and enter this website, it will also present different cartoon animals, such as a cat playing in the rain, falling spiders, naughty octopuses and so on. The minimalistic and outstanding landing page gives brief introductions of the designers. As a multidisciplinary designer specializing in UX and Visual design, Kristian also has uploaded some great visual design works. Stand out your UX portfolio with cool hover designs. Behance is another widely used free online portfolio builder which will showcase your design work and help you land a good UX design job. If you do and have purchased the Adobe Creative Cloud plan, you can use Adobe portfolio for free. You should always choose the best one that suits you and your team best. Without hierarchical layouts, images and navigation bars, this portfolio website uses only texts, icons and colors to showcase everything. Upon completion of the wireframes I was also responsible for designing the UI of the app. Let’s look at the best practices for showcasing your UX work and go through the what, the how, and the why together. 1). Designer: Eva Lotta Lamn (UX Designer). Jeff Kell, a UI/UI design leader of global creative teams, wisely uses a fixed navigation menu and perfect girds to stand out his portfolio website. Not only can you register to upload and share all your design works online, but it is also a good place to browse the latest design work of other designers to find some inspiration or to share and get feedback from others. 3 Portfolio by Milos Paripovic | mail@milosparipovic.com Laser 3D Scanner Responsibilities 1/3 After several years of manual 3D modeling of museum artifacts using photographs for purpose of making Virtual Reality tours, I have suggested to the company that contracted me for that task to … Quality counts. Incorporating many of the latest design trends will get the most out of your UX portfolio. As a junior product designer from Brooklyn, Daniel Rakh has added many cool hover designs in his portfolio. They also make the site more interesting. There are many online forums that you can register and post a link to share your portfolio, such as Reddit, UX Mastery Community, UX Design Community, Web designer forum, etc. And that could make this portfolio site more readable and clearer. UX design is an extremely hands-on field, and employers want to see that you’ve mastered the necessary practical skills as well as the theory. This is a mobile app UX wireframe for a caravan portal. She is always cheerful and never gives up. Mockplus RP is a handy design tool that can help prototype your UX portfolio design ideas, test and iterate from scratch within 10 minutes. But how do they make that choice? 7 Well Done Resumes from Top Design Interns, 6 Awesome Portfolio Websites by Amazon Designers, 5 Great Books On Apple’s Product Design Principles, How I designed and built my UX design portfolio from scratch, 20 project ideas to kickstart your UX career. In the digital world, good user experience makes a website/app stand out and increases sales. Simon Pan is a User Experience Designer based in Sydney. Transformed user research insights into potential design solutions. *Simple and neat style also works in portfolio design. This portfolio template is good for a UX design freelancer. The old-style background texture, whitish images and texts, and the yellow, blue and white color schemes create a striking retro design style. This list was compiled in no particular order, and is only a small snapshot of some of the fantastic work out there. A series of charts and images also make this example easy for anyone to read. It gets you through the door, and can help get you hired. Jeff Bae is currently working as a UX designer at Markforged. This is the UX Portfolio template that has helped designers secure roles at top-tier companies including Amazon, Google and Facebook. Try to see it this way: When you look for a UX job, your readers represent your target audience and your portfolio … Follow. Start Bootstrap – a free design studio portfolio template. The parallax scrolling design gives users a pleasant experience. Andrew Couldwell is a talented designer with 15-year design experiences and has worked on projects for many leading companies, such as Adobe, Behance, Nasa and Foursquare, etc. We explain what it takes to make a stellar portfolio, and highlight 10 solid examples to learn from. This article will guide you through the steps of creating a UX-design portfolio that encompasses your entire UX process and not just the shiny artifacts. Employers and customers can easily click the preferable cards, which stand for different design projects, to view details. Top 20 UX Designer Portfolio Websites in 2020. Add animated background images or videos to improve your portfolio. Nearly all portfolio builders and platforms offer a free account, with payment only if you go on to use premium features. After learning about the basics of UX portfolios, let’s take look at 30 of the most creative and functional UX portfolio examples, and see what makes them different: Simon Pan is now a product designer and currently designing the future of news at Google. In 2014, if you are without a portfolio that showcases your UX thinking and execution, … Rich hover effects make it very interesting to check out the design projects on display. The final product went into build in January 2017 and was launched in April 2017. www.bud.co.uk When I started on this project the No ... What I most enjoy about Kurt’s UX portfolio: It doesn’t feel like a UX portfolio. So choose carefully. Whether you’re a design newbie or an expert, social media can help enrich your UX portfolio content. To attract potential employers and customers quickly and easily, one of the best tips is only to select and showcase examples of your best designs. 40. It’s not only about the end product. By bestfolios.com — collecting the best designer portfolios, resumes and design resources. Create a retro-style UX portfolio to attract employers and clients. Rafat Alkhateeb is another portfolio website with a user-friendly sidebar. When you click and enter this portfolio site, you can only see a couple of sentences about designers there. Think carefully about how you showcase your UX design projects. His portfolio website uses oversized and bold letter designs on the landing page to attract potential customers and employers. A portfolio that shows off your best projects and designs in a creative way can be a real asset when applying for a good UX job. Do you have an Adobe account? Also combine the characters of UX design into your portfolio design, such as adding some sketch images or adopting a prototype theme, etc. It is simple and powerful for you to design, prototype and collaborate the most creative portfolio with simple clicks and drag-and-drop. The minimalistic design style and one page design also make it much easier for them to navigate around. Creating a portfolio is one of the best ways for designers to show their design ideas and talents. The colorful card designs help showcase the designs in an attractive way. They can make your portfolio website stand out easily. With your best work easily on display, it is that much easier to give the right impression and showcase exactly what you can do. Photo by Ilya Lix on Unsplash.. This is really sweet and touching. Editors' Pick IoT Hardware. Check out our website at bestfolios.com. It is very fun to hover on every possible text, image or button design to see all the hovering effects he has included. In short, this portfolio is simple, but also informative. The classic and intuitive UI card designs and navigation bars can help you. *This portfolio relies on scrolling images to show designer’s skills and capabilities directly. In this article, we … Xiaoxue Zhang is a product designer at Uber and former designer at Philips Healthcare and Tencent. Please note: Different colors or color schemes can stimulate different emotions.To avoid any unexpected problems, you should learn some basics of color psychology before getting started. Product Designer & Design Lead based in San Francisco. So, make sure you are visible on those platforms. Elizabeth Lin is an experienced product designer and her portfolio uses an intuitive sidebar to guide readers smoothly through the website. And when shrinking the website window, the figure will change her clothes and wave to you. Follow. First, you can add it to your profile introduction. By Josh Hemsley, former Design Director at Nest by Google. Photo by Ilya Lix on Unsplash.. Do you need a unique portfolio to attract employers? Blossom - Smart Watering Controller. And that can not only fully show his UX design skills and capabilities, but also provide an opportunity for visitors to know more about the personalities of himself. Optimize your portfolio UIs with unique fonts and typographies. He rocks in User Research, Information Architecture and Interaction Design for mobile and the web. 10 UX portfolios done right. ... 5 best free UX portfolio examples in PDF format 31.Vince Bouchard – a senior UX/UI product designer portfolio. Helen Tran, CEO & founder of Jupiter, works as a product designer. Mockplus RP (7-day free trial). When website readers hover on specific words, the background colors change correspondingly. We would work together where there were similarities i.e. Vax Liu is currently a UX designer for eBay and created this dark-themed portfolio with trendy parallax scrolling and grid designs. Merely Click them to check more details. We have a lot of discussions about UX portfolios in the UX Mastery community.. And that is really a nice shot to arouse the interests of site visitors and encourage them to go on reading. What makes a winning UX portfolio? CASE STUDY. how controls would work, navigation, and how other functions would work. Creating Your Portfolio in Isolation is Hard. This makes you and your work more memorable. The added social media links expand the page content and allow the page readers to view far more design works via his Dribbble and Twitter. If you love fonts and typographies as much as like Bethany Heck and want to use them on your own portfolio website, you will learn a lot from this site. Now, that you have seen some of the best UX portfolio examples, let’s see what qualities they share. Stand out your portfolio with intuitive navigation and hover effects. If you need to create a portfolio website for job hunting, the way to share the portfolio is another important factor you should consider. Creating a portfolio is one of the best ways for designers to show their design ideas and talents. But, how does it achieve that? It has very eye-catching illustrations. I needed inspiration so after 100+ tabs, I picked 32 portfolios that stood out from the rest and I’d like to share them with you. *This is a really mature portfolio site with a hand-drawn style. So, use colors wisely to optimize your website. This will depend on your design experience. Designer: Gregor Kalfas (UX Designer). Here, I've highlighted the main characteristics of a solid portfolio. Takeaways from the best UX portfolio examples. *This portfolio highlights a variety of UX design works. If you are not a professional website developer, then select a good UX portfolio builder in advance to make sure the end result works for you. Designer: Kristian Tumangan (UX Designer). 2. This portfolio site is designed with many hand-drawn elements, such as the background with hand-drawn sketches, hand-drawn titles, fonts, icons and photos, etc. Behance (Free). Improve your UX portfolio by using the latest design trends. 5 steps for building a great UX Writing portfolio. If you’re after something beautiful and personalized for your portfolio website, you could make good use of this template. This will be a continually updated list of UX Design Portfolios I admire.. Ah, the UX portfolio. *This is a really simple and intuitive portfolio. These days, many UX portfolio builders and platforms are created for different purchases. There is an excellent short biography which introduces him to users in a clear and engaging way. An animated short introduction can really grab the visitor’s attention. With no special section to offer office designer information on its Home page, this portfolio highlights a series of excellent UX design works. The best part of this example is the light and dark mode options on the left side. The better the samples you showcase on your portfolio, the more likely people will be to see and appreciate exactly what you can do. Do you need a detailed portfolio to reach far more customers? 1). Bestfolios. 3 min read. It includes 20 different pages and lays out everything you need to know about the design studio, such as its design concepts, strategies, services, samples, and more. When designing a UX portfolio, you need to do everything you can to make it as interesting, innovative, and eye-catching as possible. By ... A curation of best portfolio websites, resumes, articles from UX/UI designers, graphic designers and motion designers. Coroflot. Here you'll find top 20 hand-selected portfolios that will inspire you when building your own. This clean and neat portfolio template uses split screens to showcase the contents. Therefore, when designing your personal portfolio, you can also choose and add a right theme to impress interviewers or clients. Mockplus Black Friday Deal, take 50% OFF everything! Mike Hince, Freelance UI/UX Designer, Bossanova Design Ltd, 10 Beaufort Ridge, Shelton, Shrewsbury, SY3 8BQ. Except the basic designer information, it focuses more on the design process of a real project. The dark theme and the asymmetric/symmetric grids have all become very popular in recent years. Heck House is created by Bethany Heck, the previous Head of design at Medium. 2018-03-15. Yi Nie is a product designer at Credible Labs in SF. Gloria Lo is a product designer, experienced in UI/UX design for software products. So, again, think of your goals and needs and calculate the likely cost before making your decision. Are you just looking to share your latest design work and get feedback? That also could be a sparking point to attract interviewers and clients. Written by. Her portfolio website has a very impressive landing page. Add different view mode, skin or theme options to improve UX. This is the very latest iteration of Impress, representing five years of research. So, you should always think twice and check it is going to be worth the cost. As a creative UI/UX designer, Jenna Coles uses animated text design to grab the visitor’s attention as well as to introduce herself. A picture paints a thousand words. … Micro animations and interactions please the portfolio visitors. If you are building the portfolio yourself, here are 5 of the best UX portfolio builders: Dribble (Free). In practice, this probably means having a generic portfolio online that you can share with anyone interested, and then shaping this into a pdf download like our … In short, this mobile-ready freelancer portfolio template will be a solid kick start to your freelancing business. Jun 2018 - Aug 2018. Read writing about Ux Portfolio in UX Collective. The designer of this portfolio site adds a three-minute video to introduce personal information on its Home page. This was the first phase of a multi-phase redesign effort by Freescale. *Add proper hyperlinks to keywords for extending site contents. Since almost all elements are editable, there is no need for you to craft your own UX portfolio from scratch. Now we know what a UX design portfolio is and why case studies are so important, let’s take a closer look at why UX designers need a portfolio in the first place. If you are an experienced junior UI/UX designer, this site would be perfect for you. Even if you have no idea about how to create an eye-catching portfolio, you can easily get started by creating a different landing page. Theo Mandel, Ph.D. UX Design & User Research Portfolio Page 16 Freescale Semiconductor – Home Page Redesign User Experience Design Consultant (2013-2014) www.Freescale.com Mandel was asked to update and redesign the Freescale Semiconductor home page main area. 1). *Combine the characters of UX design in your portfolio design. When you get hired, you will give similar presentations to stakeholders, so this is a crucial part of the hiring process. That could be a really nice way to improve your portfolio sites. Or you can post a thread directly to a social media site and ask for feedback. And the designer of this portfolio considers such a need of UX/UI designer and combine it in the portfolio design wisely, such as the hand-drawn elements mentioned above and some prototype effects. If you are coincidently a UX design beginner, this kind of text-only website design might be a good way to boost your creativity. Editors’ Pick. Designer: Andrew Doherty (Product Designer). Lynn Fisher is an artist, designer and developer, and has created a portfolio website with a fabulous landing page. Streamline collaboration between design and development, The best desktop prototyping tool trusted by millions of users, Best remote work solution for design teams, One platform for design, prototype, hand-off and design systems - Plans that scale with your team, Desktop prototyping tool - Simple plans for everyone. Curating, designing & building a UX Portfolio is no easy task, so whether you’re UX Student, a seasoned User Experience Designer looking for inspiration, or a recruiter seeking out World-Class Design Thinkers;. And then, the designer also offers rich information in every section of this portfolio site. The special layout and minimalistic design styles make this portfolio easy for everyone. Designing the best user experience. This idea is really creative. Use your skills to communicate visually. High resolution images will improve the visual appeal of your UX portfolio. Learn UI/UX design, get latest design trends and inspiration. Learn more & enroll → I applied to 4 large companies, landed second interviews with all of them, got 2 amazing offers, and got hired! Currently a Product Designer at Flexport. A UX designer’s portfolio should demonstrate exceptional UX. October 5, 2020. While designing your UX portfolio, you can also use animated text design on the landing page to introduce yourself, your design concepts, and anything else you want to convey. You can find his portfolio here.. Role: UX / UI / Front End. And a good UX portfolio website can save you that thousand words and more in an interview. Fortunately, there is my Dribbble profile but it’s not enough. We hope these will inspire you to create your own portfolio, from scratch if necessary, and to showcase your work in the best possible light. *Offer some proofs to prove your design skills and capabilities. Start from research, idea concept, deliver, and testing. If necessary, it can also be a physical book or binder. PORTFOLIO UX DESIGNER With a design background, i’ve refined my skill set through a wide range of challenges, from e-marketing through to automotive industry. The eye-catching hero images, intuitive grids and social media contacts make this website user-friendly. Sep 2018 - Feb 2019. Kevin Joseph Keen is an experienced product designer that has crafted user experience, visual design, interaction and prototyping for software products many years. Students in my UX Portfolio Formula program routinely email me to say how they started down the path of making their portfolio as a website, but that it’s taking MUCH longer than they imagined. You can also add some extra information, like hobbies, goals, interesting jokes and more, to let site visitors know more about you. Many interviewers, recruiters, and HR managers will be checking this website regularly on the hunt for talented designers. Annie Tang is a product designer at Opendoor in SF. You can think of your portfolio as a story about yourself, how you think, and how you solve problems. Designer: John Ellison (Digital Product Manager). *This portfolio shows excellent mobile phone app UX design cases. His stylish and personalized portfolio website uses cool text animations and oversized letters to grab the attentions of website readers. But after making their portfolio as a PDF, they are able to finish it in a month or less. You can directly edit to showcase your design concepts, skills, design cases or something similar. If you are keen to create a portfolio on your own quickly, a portfolio platform or builder that is quicker and easier to learn how to use will be a wise choice. Jan 2018 - May 2018 Boncom UX Design Intern Redesigned the chat experience on Mormon.org, using the new branding style guide. Jason Yuan, an actor turned designer, has created this cool portfolio and worked for many big companies, such as Apple, Sony Music, etc. Optimize your portfolio with micro animations. A portfolio that shows off your best projects and designs in a creative way can be a real asset when applying for a good UX job. The site has a great job board where you can search and apply for your ideal UX design position anywhere in the world. A personal UX designer portfolio website is a way for you to be yourself and tell your story. A UX designer portfolio is often an online website that uses advanced techniques to showcase all your UX design projects and documents, design experiences and contact information, etc. Just like Elizabeth, support each case study with meaningful visuals—that is, real artifacts from your project, not just illustrations. In order to enrich site contents, the designer also adds a sidebar with link phrases, including “Web & Interface” “Illustration & Sketches” and “Game & Animation”, etc. The “About” section also provides a good place to introduce the histories or interesting stories of your design team. The landing page with a hero background image is brilliant and perfect for you to do a brief introduction. Founded in 2017, The UX Portfolio Formula is a UX career accelerator that will help you create an effective UX portfolio & prepare for job interviews. This stylish portfolio template uses beautiful illustrations to show off the best design works of the designer. First and foremost, what makes a winning portfolio is the same thing behind a winning design: a riveting visual story.

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